About Warehill.

Warehill was established in 2008 by Hilary, Peter Crew and Gladys Tombs.

After being a member of Warehill for many years and assisting with the training, Andrew and Teresa took over in 2017. The equipment we train with is being regularly updated to keep up with the continuous changes in the agility world. We try and put on starter classes at least once a year so many new people can join the agility community, and many experienced handlers can bring up their new dog. We strive to keep agility fun for both handler and dogs. We love sharing the experiences with our members and encourage them to improve at all times. We encourage positive/high reward with our training, as the dogs are only doing it because they want to please the owner/handler.

Now in September 2023 Warehill Agility is on the move, we are relocating to a new venue.

Andrew Sully.

Andrew Sully ACAI, is a qualified instructor by the Agility club in training dog agility. Andrew has been competing in KC agility shows since 2001. He started his hobby with a dog called Shep in 2001, he was like a torpedo, so fast he could barely keep to the course. Andrew then had Sam, Sam was another very fast Border collie which won him up the grades into grade 4. After having to retire her after a successful time in agility, Andrew then had Polly and Dottie which are both doing well. While competing with dogs Andrew also trains at B.A.T.S Agility, where we all started and where he became a fully qualified ACAI instructor.

Teresa Sully

Teresa Sully started her career in agility with a large Border collie called Toby, he was again very fast and very stubborn. Teresa then went onto train Floss, which was a loving gentle dog, she was consistent and also made her way up the grades. Floss was known as the training dog as she would work beautifully for anyone, even young children. Teresa has trained and competed for many years with a fully deaf dog called Jack, who magnificently worked her magic to grade 5 . It’s amazing to watch and to know that she does it all from body language and positioning of her body. Teresa now has a beardie / border collie called Fee, and a lovely Tibetan Cross called Ozzie.

Phillip Williams

Phillip Williams started in agility in 2003 with his first dog called Eve, she was a border terrier and was always working hard, constantly getting seconds and thirds in competitions, she made it several times to finals of winter series and even qualified into the Agility club finals. Finally ending her agility career in grade 4. While competing with Eve he started training another border terrier/Jack Russel cross called Cain, this was a dog with an attitude. But worked his magic into grade 5. While Phillips wife was pregnant with their children, Phillip, Teresa and Andrew ran Adam and won him into grade 6. Phillip now runs a toy poodle called Abel, which is like a miniature rocket and has just excelled into grade 6. (I’m sure you can all see the pattern of names appearing here.)