Warehill Re-opens.

Warehill Agility Group.

Warehill Re-opens.

Warehill agility is now back up and running, This may look a little different from the last time you were here, as we are adhering to strict government guidelines, where we have a risk assessment we must stick to.

Currently we have set the training school into 2 sides where their will be no swapping sides and this has a large fence down the middle. Everybody will be given a box to stand next to, this is for when you are not running your dog/ they are placed over 2 metres apart. We ask that as soon as you have finished your run that you return back to your box so the next person can go.

We are requesting that you pre book with us so we can maintain only 5 people to the one trainer is adhered to.

All equipment is to only be touched by the trainer, so if you knock over a pole the trainer will put it back. All equipment will be put out and put away by the trainers as well.

There is hand washing facilities and hang gel on the way into the school. There is a 15 minute window where one hour session finishes before the next is allowed into the school.

If you have any questions then please feel free to contact us.